Isabella and Pontus (Sweden)

International teaching sensations, we are super chuffed to have them coming to Lancaster. You’ll have seen them teaching all over the world and for good reason, they are fantastic! 

Isabella Gregorio is a well-known international dancer. She teaches and performs around the globe, exhilarating students and audiences of all ages. She is well known for her crazy style and her great expression. Her professional career started in Italy 2002 claiming several titles in numerous international competitions as well as teaching across the world with Vincenzo Fesi. Isabella has been dancing many different kinds of dance since she was a child.

Pontus Persson started dancing when he was 5 years old. By the age of 6 he was actively competing, and he started teaching professionally at 16 years of age. After graduating, he moved to Stockholm in 2008 to develop his dancing even further with the renowned show company the Harlem Hot Shot. Since then he has been spreading the joy of dance through shows, competitions and teaching. Isabella and Pontus started dancing together in January 2011.

With a light attitude, their classes are known for being highly pedagogical, technical, and with a focus on individual improvement. Together they have won the hearts of audiences around the world and have collected many titles together including; 5 years consecutive Swedish Champions in both Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie, 5 years consecutive Vice World Champions in Boogie Woogie, 4 years consecutive award winners at ILHC (Various divisions) and more besides…

Edas and Edita (Lithuania)

Straight from Lindy obsessed Lithuania, this pair come ridiculously highly recommended, Swingtoberfest will only be their second time teaching in the UK, so grab this rare opportunity to learn from them! This is their first visit to the North, fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

Edas and Edita are a couple of passionate and experienced swing dancers from Kaunas, Lithuania, where they run their own dance studio All That Swing, teaching swing dance, DJing, organising events and building a growing community of local lindy hoppers. In love with swing dancing, they enjoy every opportunity to dance and teach at swing events in Lithuania and abroad.

Edas’ dancing is full of energy, clean technique and pleasant surprises, while Edita concentrates on smooth movement, connection with her partner and playful technique. You can expect all this and more in their classes, where they usually teach exciting moves, rhythms and techniques, while encouraging students to build on them by adding their own ideas and style. In the classes, they also emphasize improvement of social dancing skills by teaching comfortable leading and following and aiming for enjoyable connection between the partners.

Their classes are always entertaining and useful, enabling the students to improve, express themselves and find the true joy of swing dancing!

Rob and Tina (UK)

You know them, you love them, these Leeds lovelies are bringing their inimitable style back to Lancaster and we couldn’t be happier to have them! 

Rob and Tina have been teaching and performing together for nearly a decade. In addition to teaching weekly classes in Leeds, they regularly teach at weekend events around the UK (and occasionally further afield).

Their classes often focus on core technique, lead-follow connection, and social dancing skills. They strive to give dancers a deeper understanding of the dance beyond just learning moves to help them develop their own style and have better dances with any partner. The largest project they’ve undertaken recently is training up the next generation of Swing Dance Leeds instructors. Their daughter Talia is just barely two but already eager to take over the family business!