Louis Louis Louis (playing Friday night)

Swing favourites, you cannot fail to have a good night with this band behind the mic! These Northern monkeys bring classic rhythm ‘n’ blues, doo-wop and ska with thumpin’ slap bass, honkin’ horns, raucous four-part vocal harmonies and a driving piano boogie for your ears and your feet!

Listen to them here.

Alligator Gumbo (playing Saturday night)

You loved them last year at our mini Swingtoberfest so we had to get them back, this time as a 7 piece, even more alligator for your gumbo! 

Playing jazz from the hey-day of the New Orleans swing era, in particular the “roaring 20s”, where Jazz music featured instruments such as the violin, clarinet and accordion particularly amongst the Creole musicians based in the city who helped to define this style.

Before the time of the jazz big bands, swing music was raw and largely improvised with melodies and solos happening simultaneously which has now become defined as the ‘New Orleans’ sound.

Alligator Gumbo strive to keep this style alive in their renditions of popular songs from this unique time and place.

Listen to them here.

DJs (playing Sunday night)
We’ll be having a relaxed tea dance to round off the week  with our finest DJs to keep you dancing until you are truly exhausted.